The County Board of Supervisors is the legislative body for Saratoga County. Each municipality in the County sends one Supervisor to represent their community on the Board. Saratoga Springs sends two Supervisors because of the size of the city’s population compared to other parts of the County.

Supervisors meet as a whole once per month to discuss and vote on issues that are worked on in subcommittees. Generally each of the 31 County Departments are represented by a subcommittee, including the County Administrator’s office which handles the day to day operations of the County. Issues that come to the floor can be anything from department oversight to discussion and vote on existing or new county laws, and anything in between to keep the County running well.

Additionally, the County Supervisors from the City of Saratoga Springs works with the City Council to ensure alignment on specific issues the City Leaders are working on. Often there are resources that can be requested from the County to help better manage a program in the City.

The 31 County departments are as follows: Animal Shelter, Board of Elections, County Administrator, County Attorney, County Auditor, County Clerk, County Coroner, County Historian, Department of Social Services, District Attorney, Employment and Training, Human Resources, Internet Technology, Office of Emergency Services, Office for the Aging, Planning, Probation, Public Defender, Public Health, Public Works, Purchasing, Real Property Tax, Saratoga County Sewer District no. 1, Saratoga County Soil and Water Conservation District, Treasurer, Veteran’s Services, Weights and Measures, and Youth Bureau.

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