Steve is a lifelong Saratoga County resident who grew up in Clifton Park and has settled with his family in Saratoga Springs.

Why now?

Steve has had a longtime desire to run for and hold public office within the local community; however, a significant travel schedule for work prevented this pursuit. No longer required to travel, 2019 is the right time for him to become involved with the continued success of Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County.

Why Steve?

Steve is not a registered member of any party yet has been widely endorsed for his Independent campaign. It is important to Steve to maintain an independent view of local politics and he looks forward to meeting with all voters regardless of party affiliation.

Steve brings strong leadership, budget management, and performance achievement skills to the community.

A former National Sales Executive, Steve has spent years leading organizations both in person and remotely. The full County Board of Supervisors meets officially once per month. Steve’s experience managing multiple projects remotely will lead to great success while working on behalf of the residents of Saratoga Springs.

Developing and executing on budgets is not only a skill set for Steve, but also an area of his career where he has excelled. Whether it is planning for growth or a need to reduce spending, Steve has successfully driven profits through solid budget management. He makes well thought out decisions and has the experience to advocate for his budget planning strategies .

Solid project management with sound judgement leads to successful performance. Steve has earned many corporate awards some of which include top performance, business partner of the year, and fast start performance awards. His ability to manage programs and drive consensus will ultimately be what makes him a strong Supervisor.

Steve is successful in developing rapport among every level of an organization. He has successfully worked with corporate CEO’s and other senior executives in the US and Canada – adapting to individual styles and different cultures around North America. This experience will serve the Citizens of Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County well when Steve meets with County and State organizations on behalf of the residents.

So, back to the question – Why Steve? Because now is the time for nonpartisan leadership. The divisive political environments in Albany and Washington DC do not need to impact legislation of the great community that we live in. An Independent County Supervisor is what hundreds of citizens have already told Steve they would like to vote for. Please support his efforts and vote for him on November 5th, 2019.